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New products released, SOMNOPRO introduces functional home culture to the new middle class families
PubDate:2017-08-10 author: admin

Today, the "new middle class" has become a majority of China's consumer economy. New middle-class people have their own ideas while shopping, as they care more about comfort and environmental friendliness in addition to brands and cognition of the products. As these people are more willing to accept new things, consumer demand more diversified now.

At present, many of the new middle class are still in the process of establishing families or have set up their own families not long ago. Even single young men and women in cities are also paying great attention to family life. As a result, a new consumer structure is emerging and the market for functional household products continues to expand. Aware of this trend, SOMNOPRO has recently released a number of new functional home products to bring the functional home culture into new middle-class families.

At the conference, SOMNOPRO cooperated with INNOVSYS to launch the Sleep System which enables users to communicate and manage. It is an "intelligent bridge" connecting users, stores and SOMNOPRO to realize user-centered initiative marketing, enhance the value of customer service, bring the most direct sales to distributors, and help the functional home culture enter the new middle-class families more rapidly.

New middle-class families pay attention to the pursuit at spiritual level, but also focus on individual needs. Therefore, the SOMNOPRO has made innovations on the new autumn product Cloud Dream to make it more personal and intelligent. As the electric bed set of SOMNOPRO, it is based on ergonomic principles, and proved by thousands of experiments. With the 5-point design of head, waist, hip, knee, and ankle, the product can provide elicate and comfortable fit support according to the curve of the human body in a real time manner. Moreover, the product can adjust to any angle and provide balanced body support, so as to care for the health of consumers and bring an upgraded ntelligent experience.

New middle-class families are rational and critical, with strong sense of differentiation. It is hard for general mattress products to win their favor. Therefore, SOMNOPRO has specially launchend the new high-tech product, Nobel Pressure Relief. First of all, this new mattress product is equipped with a Honeycomb single-pocket spring system jointly developed by SOMNOPRO and Leggettcan to cater for Chinese consumers' sleep habits. At the same time, the product adopts the Sanitine anti-bacterial and anti-mite fabric, which, combined with the soft and delicate knit fabric, allow users to fully enjoy healthy, more comfortable and environmentally friendly sleep. Moreover, the innovative bionic bed allow you to enjoy cloud-class spa.

Some reports estimate that by 2020, 81% of China's total consumption growth will come from the middle class. The consumer market for new middle-class families is full of huge business potentials. To focus this group with its insight in this field, SOMNOPRO has released a variety of new functional household products. What will the market performance be like? Let us wait and see.

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