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Giving back and deeply caring for society
Global warming, melting polar ice caps, and abnormal climate phenomena are environmental issues that increasingly threaten Mother Earth - the only place we can call home. Everyone on this planet has therefore the responsibility to lower their energy use and make their contribution and effort towards fostering the environment. Whether it was receiving the ISO9001 national quality management certification and ISO14001 national environment management certification, or participating in the drafting of “Light Industry Standards of the People's Republic of China”, Somnopro Group has always adhered to application of quality assurance and environmental-friendliness in our product research and development. We spare no effort in transforming the furniture industry into an environmentally-friendly one. Our aim is to create an environment which is free, harmonious and amicable for human survival.
A tradition of Somnopro Group is to be active in public welfare initiatives. This is in keeping with our responsibility as a corporate citizen. Since 2003 Somnopro Group has lent its support to the Terry Fox Run, which started off as the “Marathon of Hope” by the deceased cancer activist, through charity auctions of products, donations, solicitation of donations, and—most importantly—rallying our employees to participate in the run. We have spared no effort to raise awareness and increase participation by members of the public. We have been consistently participating in the event, which is said to be currently the world's largest public welfare event for raising cancer research funds. In this way we fulfil our social value and responsibility.
Giving back to society is of paramount importance to us as a part of our sustainable development. We at Somnopro Group will make sure to give our best and more!


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  • Terry Fox is a Canadian hero. Having been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, Fox had to have his right leg amputated. In 1980 he began a quest to run the length of Canada in order to raise funds for cancer research. Called the “Marathon of Hope”, the run lasted 143 days until Fox was forced to abandon it as the cancer had spread to his lungs. In celebration of Terry Fox's resilient spirit, people all over the world have been taking part in what are now known as Terry Fox Runs. The event is today the world's largest single-day event for raising cancer-research funds.
  • It is our firm belief that purely seeking profit cannot be the path for an enterprise or industry to pursue sustainable growth. Thus, while pursuing our own growth we are also focused on consumers and public interest. In this regard we at Somnopro Group actively participate in public welfare initiatives. In addition to our participation for 13 years in the Terry Fox Run, we also sponsored the “Ride for Love” charity cycling event organized by Guangdong Lions Club as well as made donations to Beichuan Secondary School.
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