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Corp Culture
  • Sui Bao vision

    Develop sleep intelligence by technology, bring high quality lifestyle
    directly to users. Scientific innovation, is ultimately aiming to bring mankind more comfort and    convenience.

    Focusing on intelligent sleep to promote high quality lifestyle and bringing healthy benefit to the mankind, are what Somnopro has been striving for.

  • Sui Po values

    Motivated by scientific spirit, innovation and human care, Somnopro provides premium service...  

    A scientific spirit guides Somnopro in its aim to provide quality- and health-oriented products and services; Innovation serves to drive Somnopro Group's business in China in its constant effort to give quality lifestyle to consumers in China and even around the world; Caring for humanity is the foundation for Somnopro Group's Code of Conduct, enabling us to care for our employees, shareholders and the public such as to create prosperity for all.

  • Sui Po culture

    Respect, care about, understand and cherish users' life in a people-oriented way
    Firmly root the "people-oriented" value concept and thoroughly carry it out in all aspects, to respect, care about, understand and cherish our users. It's the core of Somnopro culture, and further, the basic rule of the company's behavior throughout research, developing and manufacture processes.

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